Moving can be a hassle. Between the preparation, the boxing, and the actual move itself, it can get very tiring and sometimes frustrating. You wish all of your things could be transported to their new location with a push of a button. Unfortunately, scientists have not developed that type of technology yet. On the bright side, we have created a moving checklist to help lighten the load for your move!

Two Months  Before Move:

1. If your employer is moving you, find out what they cover. 

2. Pick your moving dates.

3. Go through every room and decide what you'd like to keep and what you can throw away, sell or donate. 

4. Create a moving binder. Use it to keep track of everything - receipts, estimates inventory of all items you are moving.

5. Transfer school records. Arrange for dental and medical records to be transferred. Ask for referrals. 

Six Weeks Before Move: 

1. Contact the IRS or your accountant for forms and info regarding tax- deductible moving expenses. 

2. Order supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, and markers.

3. Contact the utility company and transfer your services. Leave utilities on until the day after moving. 

4. Transfer your driver's license(s) to your new state. 

5. Establish new bank accounts if your current bank doesn't have a branch in your new area.

6. Finalize your living arrangements including home-owners/renters insurance at your new residence.

One Month Before Move

1. Visit the USPS website to notify the Postal Service of your new address. Send change-of-address cards to friends, relatives and any subscriptions. 

2. Make any travel arrangements including reservations for lodging. 

3. Collect important papers such as wills, birth certificates, social security cards, car titles, medical records, financial documents and store in a separate, safe place. 

Three Weeks Before Move 

1. If you are doing your own packing, start now. Label and number each box with its contents and its designated room.  

2. Make arrangements for child care or pet sitting for the day of the move. 

3. Set aside flammables to be moved by you or disposed of. 

4. Return library books or anything borrowed from neighbors or friends. 

5. Have your car services for the trip. 

Two Weeks Before Move:

1. Take care of bills, stocks, and investments. 

2. Take pet(s) to the veterinarian for immunizations and get copies of their records for your new vet.

3. Drain oil and gasoline from power equipment. Drain garden hoses. 

4. Review your move plans. 

5. Refill and transfer your prescriptions. 

6. Remove items from your safety deposit box and put them in the safe box you will be talking with you on move day. 

One Week Before Move 

1. Arrange for newspapers or other delivery services to be discontinued. 

3. Pack suitcases with clothes, toiletries, and jewelry. 

4. Obtain cash or traveler's checks for the move. 

5. Arrange payment for move.

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